For Air France, service à la française (French style) means making sure
your trip is a pleasant and relaxing experience.

A high-end cabin
for your intercontinental travel

An exclusive and restful environment

Your seat in the Business cabin is designed to provide maximum comfort.

In just a few seconds, your seat transforms into a spacious bed up to 2 m / 6.5 ft in length. You can easily find the position that is right for you by using your seat controls.

A seat combining comfort, privacy…

Your seat molds to the shape of your body to provide all-over comfort and superb sleep quality. Its shell design conserves your personal space and ensures your privacy throughout your flight.

To improve access for passengers with reduced mobility, the Business cabin seat is equipped with a flexible armrest.

...and technology

The Business seat is also equipped with a personal screen so you can enjoy our complete entertainment lineup. This includes 500 hours of varied programming available on demand. We also provide a wide selection of French and international periodicals. And with our Air France Play app for tablets, you can download your favorite newspapers and magazines at no extra charge.
In addition, you also receive the following items to guarantee your comfort on board:
  • A hypoallergenic feather pillow
  • A soft and soothing duvet
  • A "comfort and well-being" travel kit including a sleep mask, a complete toiletries kit and Clarins moisturizing products

An ideal space to work

The Business cabin provides everything you need to work in comfort, including:
  • a power outlet to plug in your laptop or other electronic devices,
  • a reading lamp that can be adjusted so as not to bother or be bothered by your neighbor,
  • noise-cancelling headphones,
  • storage space for your documents or laptop.

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