Friche La Belle de Mai, spearhead of Marseille culture

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Friche La Belle de Mai, spearhead of Marseille culture

La Friche in the Belle de Mai neighbourhood is a Marseille hotspot for culture and performing arts, but also a skatepark and playful learning ground for children.

With almost 400,000 visitors each year, over 100,000 sqm open to the public in the Belle de Mai neighbourhood of Marseille, La Friche has come a long way since it officially opened in 1992. Completely modernised, the 19th-century industrial site has been offered a new lease on life, turned towards culture. The former SEITA tobacco factory is now a lively place where artists perform in residence while visitors may bump into a street art exhibition, or practice a few moves on a board bought at the skateshop. Else, they can also have lunch on the terrace while immersed in the book straight out of the independent bookshop also located on the premises. And that is not all! You can also attend a play in one of the five venues, play a family game of basketball, try some yoga during a parent-child class and initiate a new generation to art forms through a playful course… La Friche evolves on a daily basis with new and upcoming projects. Young and old alike, painting, sculpture, music or sports enthusiast, everybody will find something to suit their taste!

Friche La Belle de Mai
41 rue Jobin
13003 Marseille

+33 (0)4 95 04 95 95