Namdaemun: the market for bargain hunters

Namdaemun: the market for bargain hunters

Genuine and popular, its endless alleys mark the start of a complete change of scenery.

This 600 year-old market on Namdaemun sijang street near the Great South Gate is Korea's .

True treasure trove, with nearly 10,000 businesses and merchants of all kinds. A legacy of the Joseon Dynasty, its immensity and the incredible diversity of products make its streets an unrivalled locale for eye candy and people watching. The colourful stalls sell everything under the sun clothing, accessories, electronic products, handicrafts, and traditional items. At night, the big vendors open their gates, amplifying the excitement of the place. And because these purchases will have awakened your appetite, the many food-kiosk merchants will be delighted to introduce you to a wide variety of dishes that are sometimes surprising but always delicious.

21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil

+82 (0)2 7532 805