Tonton Samy: simple and simply delicious!

Tonton Samy: simple and simply delicious!

You'll feel right at home at Samy's place and can taste delicious fish straight off the boat.

Leading the cast for its hospitality and the quality of its products, Tonton Samy (‘Uncle' Samy in French) is a small neighbourhood eating house that has the reputation of a major restaurant. Here you get to go straight into the kitchen to choose your fish or meat, which is then grilled by the cooks. In Cameroon, most cooking is done on the grill.
While waiting for your bream to be done, you can sip a beer near the piano bar or on the terrace. A little fresh break like no other!
It is also lovely to come for a nice dinner in the evening at Tonton Samy. Above all, try the local specialties like ndolé. This traditional dish is prepared with vegetables from the spinach family. Green leaves, boiled in water two or three times, then mixed with meatballs, beef kebabs, sole or shrimp. Everything is served with plantains, cassava, rice or fried potatoes. Not to be missed!

Tonton Samy
Between the Deido Plage intersection and the Saker market
Quartier Deido
BP 8195 Douala

+237 696 02 24 89

Menu: around 12,000 XAF