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Benefit from e-services, save time when making reservations and ensure we know exactly where to reach you by entering a few personal details online.
Missing Miles ?
Let us know if Flying Blue Miles haven't appeared on your statement within 6 months of your trip, hotel stay or other partner service.
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You can obtain one by email upon request.
If you forget your personal Pin code or username
Get a new one right away. In the interests of security, your will need to answer to your personal security question.
Changing your Pincode or user name ?
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Have you lost your Flying Blue Card?
To get a new Flying Blue Card, please fill out a request form online.While waiting to receive your card, you can continue to earn Miles by giving your membership number when you make a reservation. Have you forgotten your membership number, or do you need to show proof of membership when boarding? Print out a copy of your card online now!Note: the copy is a temporary document and does not replace your card.
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